How To Cultivate Weed

Tips to how cultivate weed - The best tips to grow your own weed
  1. The first thing that you need to learn how to cultivate weed is time and patience, because it will take like 2 or 3 months for the plant to finish their flowering process.
  2.  The next thing that you will need is a place to grow your plant, first you need to decide if you want to grow your plant in and indoor or outdoor. If you decide to grow in a indoor you need a few things that I will list here, otherwise if you decide to grow your weed outdoor you will need a place where the plant can receive the most solar light and in the nights it has to be dark, no artificial light can be near, other way the plant won't grow properly.
  3.  You'll need a good soil, it has to be potting soil, at first you'll need a soil with high percentage of nitrogen, this is just for the growing state, then in flowering you will need a soil with high percentage of potassium and less nitrogen. There are a lot of soils in the market, you can try in a local gardening store and go and buy a soil first with high levels of N.
  4. You'll need water, I'm not going to explain for what, trust me is not for you.. :)
    What do you need to grow weed in indoors?

    First you need a growing space, it can be a closet or cupboard, a ready made grow-room or even a metal box. Here are a few pre-made grow rooms that you can buy directly from Amazon. 

      High-pressure sodium or metal halide lights, I highly recommend you to grab a High-pressure sodium instead of the metal halide. You need quality with this one, so I recommend you to get a 400w or 600w high-pressure sodium light and a good reflector, once again you can buy them from amazon right here:

      Extractor and intractor fans for ventilation, you can even use a couple of pc fans for extraction and a small fan for intraction, it's not an expensive item thought but it's necesary to grow your plant. Some of the pre-made grow-rooms come with extraction system so this shouldn't be a problem.

      If you want to eliminate odor, you can grab a carbon filter, it's not strictly necesary but you will learn that odors can be a headache sometimes, so if you want no odors you must grab this.

      If you want to have an automated system, then you will need a timer for lights, periods of lighting for grow state should be 18 hours of light and 6 hours of dark, and for flowering it should be 12/12. You can buy a timer directly from amazon there are a variety of them, look.

      And last you will need quality cannabis seeds. There are a lot of seed banks out there, here you can find a list of the best known seed banks around the world

      Well,. that's pretty much what you will need to start our with your marijuana plant. If you want more information about marijuana growing and flowering download The Cannabis Grow Bible from here:

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